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Its been awhile since my last post, my family and I  were temporarily consumed with relocating. We recently moved from a medium sized community in the Yukon Territory to a small sized community in the Yukon Territory. The town I’m currently living in is a small, but wonderful place to live. There are maybe 250 people who live here, it is peaceful, the people are very nice and the opportunities to film are awesome! I have been looking into the whole shooting footage for stock and perhaps get in with a big company that sells stock footage to big name production companies and broadcasters and the such. I’m thinking of specializing in filming wildlife and scenery at the moment, since there is an abundance of wildlife and beauty in our new area.

There are tonnes of wildlife in this area, and many places to film wild sheep, moose, caribou, bears, and other small mammals. This summer’s projects will include building up my stock footage archive. I am also considering adding a cool new tool to my film making kit. A Digital SLR Camera that is capable of recording some astonishingly good High Definition footage. The DSLR camera is called the “Canon 5D Mk2”. The quality of footage is breathtaking, almost too good to believe. The 5d mk2  has a full frame 35mm sensor which gives super shallow depth of field and remarkable low light recording capabilities… this combined with a wide variety of Canon EF lenses that are reasonably priced is what makes it so attractive. I think this DSLR Camera will be a very nice addition to my arsenal. Atleast until the inevitable release of the RED Scarlet!  Until then I will continue to make films with my current equipment which has been a joy to work with.

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